08. Oktober 2020
The new presidents on the Zeppelin Universit?t stands prior to a hei?er fall.

From Berlin to Lake Constance, from a state of excellence university with 38 000 students at a private university with about 1000, by the China Sciences to a university “between online business, politics and culture”: The step closed for Prof. Klaus M?hlhahn by Friedrichshafen seems gro?. Even so, it looks the new Pr?sident Zeppelin Universit?t (TO) unique. For practically two months he’s in the head of the Foundation’s university, which in the past was closed for a lot of headlines well.

also knows Klaus M?hlhahn, most recently Vice Pr?sident the Free Universit?t (FU) in Berlin, where he studied even the starting on the 1990s. He draws particular parallels. “The reputation with the FU at that time was not fantastic, as Alt-68er taught there and was decided in plenary notes,” says M?hlhahn recalls. The FU stood with all its difficulties, which includes economic nearing Schlie?ung by the Berlin Senate, is from this existential crisis but gest?rkt emerged.At such an fascinating turning point in the new TO-Pr?sident also sees the neighborhood university. The’ve seen it inside the capital as “gro?artige, extremely innovative university,” within a phase of “creative disruption”, ie the sch?pferischen Zerst?rung slipped. “Today we ask ourselves: who we honestly are, and where we need to go,” Klaus M?hlhahn erkl?rte at a Pressegespr?ch. He wanted in this method, that is to be discussed at ZU, new concepts and themes set – in order that the university “from gest?rkt using creative nursing projects ideas a better profile” k?nne emerge


From right now changed overnight in distance mastering.The situations are tricky. Initial, there is the corona pandemic, which also forced right here all informed about months in distance mastering. M?hlhahn praises his Pr?sidiums colleagues who’ve managed this adjust on the fly “excellent.” Right now is clear that digital formats really operate effectively, but Pr?senz was indispensable at ZU mainly because the close pers?nliche supervision of students is amongst the gro?en St?rken.Second trouble is and remains the economic predicament. “Yes, the situation is challenging,” M?hlhahn admits. Here, the TO j?hrlich now with a grant of eight million euros of gr??te individual spending budget products st?dtischen Zeppelin Foundation. But even informed about Studiengeb?hren and third-party clearly requires the university far more revenue to attain their objective.

Objective: Scientific reaccreditation 2,023thThe hei?t scientific reaccreditation and stands at 2,023. “We m?ssen the generating,” Klaus M?hlhahn sets the pace. Otherwise, the university loses its perfect to award doctorates. Until then, the TO so as M?hlhahn desires 38 professors erf?llen the specifications of your Science Council. He hoped that this schedule l?sst stretch. Currently there are 24 Lehrst?hle. At the very least in comparison with all the preceding year significantly elevated numbers https://news.stanford.edu/2016/12/05/stanford-unveils-innovative-solar-generating-station/ of applicants make him optimistic.How will the new TO-Pr?sident this nursery and n?tige realignment build? M?hlhahn carries on where its currently Vorg?ngerin saw the prospective n?tige: digitization and internationalization. Within the study plan, had but so far hardly defeated. And 84 companion universities are closed for at finest to the TO align it “the base” international.Ready to break new ground.Here, Klaus M?hlhahn appears genuinely willing to break new ground. Studieng?nge in media or business computer science he can imagine at ZU also as in English. The region stand at an capstonepaper net immense structural adjust; as was the significance of a university as “reflexibler K?rper”. Dar?ber he wanted to speak with absolutely everyone. The willingness or perhaps the Bed?rfnis at the university, to regroup, was there. Only the is not going to go without zus?tzliche investments. How realistic the closed for the n?chsten year, the spending budget deliberations closed for city and Foundation will show inside the fall.